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Marketing Yourself Effectively 
July 6, 2016

Would you believe me if I said we are always marketing ourselves? Of course, you would. We all know that everything we do or say is showing the world a little about who we are. The better question is - are you intentional about how you market yourself? If you are the person that always sees the glass as half empty and are quick to point out the problems instead of being the solution then you are successfully branding yourself. If you are the person that rolls with the punches and figures out a way to bloom where you are planted no matter how many times the sales payment structure changes then you too are successfully branding yourself. You are constantly marketing yourself but you must choose to be intentional about it and ensure that you are marketing a positive image of yourself. 

This month we will discuss 3 ways you can market yourself and how to do that so you will no longer find yourself wondering why she got the promotion and not you or how you were kicked out of the top sales position by him.

In today’s market of steep competition you must do more and more to stand out in the crowd and frankly the ones that will succeed are the people that learn how to create opportunities instead of waiting on them to come your way. 

Spend a few moments this week considering how you are currently marketing yourself and if the marketing brand that people experience reflects the best you. If you are really bold ask someone for their candid feedback regarding your brand! 

Need help branding yourself for your next career move? 

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